Just in time for New Years an upgrade


We love visitors that build, Koen you legend just the job.


Strawberries! Oh yes


Either the ants or the boys get them though

Last of the year


I have a feeling this is going to be the last trout in the oven for 2013, lets hope I am wrong.

It was Sarah’s idea


So I added some worms in the corner to help break down muck that we added in order to spread over the plot before planting for this year. Sarah added chickens to scratch the ground up and generally eat out any remaining plants.

The chickens loved the worms.

Keep em coming


I’m back adding these as a que for when the best fishing is at home.



These worked well and this is the first of my catchup posts I’m adding this in 2014 although the post date is correct.

More Chickens


No box and yes they made a mess in the back of the car.


Stitched Panorama


Returns to target directly over the village at less than 200′. Plenty of runs over the farm and today the tomatoes all started blackening. Perhaps a coincidence who can tell.



Its going pretty well this year, adding these just so I remember what happened when for when we plant next year!

Particularly happy with the Jalapeños they are coming on leaps and bounds. Need to invoke the power of the web to find out how to pickle them and other things for the long hard winter ahead!




Smoked Trout



Took the last large trout out of Vals freezer, put it there with my parents visit in mind last year. Looking forward to when they return to spawn in the river in a couple of months time. The new dam might be impounded by then so perhaps even more will back up in our little stretch.